Facebook Messenger Introduces New Pop-ups To Warn Users About Fake Friends And Scams

Facebook, on Thursday, released a new tool for Messenger which is aimed to cut down on mischievous and malicious parties seeking to scam people. Facebook will now scan the accounts of people for suspicious activities, and by leveraging artificial intelligence systems and machine learning to spot abnormalities such as accounts sending a lot of friend requests in a short time period or accounts sending a large number of message requests to Facebook users who are still under the age of 18. The company released this feature during a prominent uptick in fake friend requests due to a change in the Facebook service’s search algorithm.

If the AI systems of the Messenger app detects any suspicious activity, you will see a pop-up chat window in your Messenger app notifying you about the issue. After the pop-up message, you can choose to block the user or ignore it. The system has already experienced a limited release of this feature for some users on Android devices. Some Android users have seen this feature dating as far back as this March. However, the iOS version of this functionality will be rolled out sometime during the upcoming week. The feature displays guidelines that outline the necessary steps to block or ignore those suspicious users, and these guidelines are intended to educate users under the age of 18 about communicating with unknown adults over Facebook’s platform.

This new feature focuses to cut down on crooks scamming Facebook users as well as fake accounts posing as other individuals. The new functionality will also help to protect users under the age of 18 from bad actors. The company has designed this functionality to limit communications between adult Facebookers and users under the age of 18 who are not already linked on Facebook’s platform. According to the company, Facebook’s new tool instructs users under 18 to be watchful while interacting and communicating with adult users who might be unknown to them. Facebook also states that this new functionality empowers users under the age of 18 to take action prior to replying to a message.

A question now arises that human workers may see sensitive data of Facebook users. The company states in this regard that the new feature will continue to operate with the addition of end-to-end encryption on Facebook’s platform. This is likely where the application of machine learning comes in. It will keep human workers from having to see possibly sensitive data of Facebook users.

Preventing Unwanted Contacts and Scams in Messenger

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