Good News Android Users! You can now quickly share locations in Google Maps with Plus Codes

Whenever you have to give your address or location to anyone, tell them their address in written form or on a call. Sometimes we also point in the direction of the address which the listener often forgets (before reaching the destination). Addresses are one of the most challenging things to find. It becomes a headache to reach a destination.

For this sole reason, Google decided to create a Plus Code system five years ago, which allowed the users of Google to share its location easily in an alpha-numeric format. So, whether you can’t find a specific address or if you are in the middle of nowhere, you can search the addresses easily. However, this location sharing wasn’t used a lot by the users. So, now Google is making the whole location sharing experience more accessible and quicker than ever (along with secure code plus sharing).

Starting from this week, Google for Android has made location sharing process easier. Whenever anyone wants to share their ‘exact’ current location, they can just select the blue dot by tapping on it. Once you tap on the blue dot, it will show personalized plus code, which can be shared with others or saved for later purposes. Now, whenever someone you share this code with adds the code in the Google location search bar, your location will appear on their screens. You can also share the phone number along with the plus code.

Apart from this process, the plus code of a separate location is also accessible by tapping and holding the map to add a pin – you will then be able to see the plus code of that place or position. The fantastic thing about these plus codes is that they are searchable in Google search and Google maps. So, this convenient way by Google can help in setting up meetings, meetups, events, gatherings, etc. these location pins can also be used as emergency locations if something life-threatening happens.

The technology behind the new Google map is open-source. It can also be used by other apps and mobile developers in their creations to provide these features to their customers. As Google recently made these features more prominent, they might become more commonplace as time passes. The updates of the plus codes are continuously rolling out for the android device users.

The new feature of Google maps creates a unique 6-digit code depending on the location. This feature is especially useful for countries with almost non-street names, and finding locations can be difficult. So, Google is making the lives of its users easier.

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