YouTube tests a new feature to help users contextualize Lengthy Videos

YouTube is one of the largest online streaming platforms and nowadays we all are pretty much addicted watching a variety of videos on it. Millions of users on a daily basis, stream a variety of videos on Google-owned platform to get the info and help in all the ways possible. YouTube is the platform meant for everyone.

YouTube always tries to put a variety of new updates and tests new features in order to help its users to get the most out of it.

This time, YouTube is testing a new feature in its video progress bar to help its users to easily navigate lengthy tutorials.
"You may have noticed something new in the video scrubber bar. We are testing this new feature and it's called video chapters. What is it? It helps viewers with more context and information associated with a particular time in your video is basically making timestamps a little bit more official and they utilize the timestamp data that you publish in your description and are completely opt-in.", announced CI in a video.
According to Creator Insider channel, this new feature "Video Chapters" will make the videos of longer length easier to navigate for YouTubers.

According to Creator Insider, Chapters feature is also meant to quickly drive viewers in the different moments in the lengthy videos, currently YouTube is testing out this feature on some specified categories of videos on Android and desktop and may start experiment it with iOS devices in the near future.

This feature is enabled only on videos with creator-provided timestamps and if creators don't add timestamp details in the description boxes of the videos then YouTube won’t be enabling Chapters on its own.

With the new feature any video with timestamps in description will highlight scrubbing timeline and if the user moves over any one of them it reveals the name of that chapter.

YouTube is a platform known for its unique services to help its users in all the ways possible and this new Chapter feature is all meant to help the users navigate long length videos so that they don’t have to watch it all or skip some important parts.

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