These Changes Coming to YouTube Will Impact Creators

YouTube changes things up quite frequently and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the needs of its users tend to change as well and there is also the fact that YouTube is part of the larger Google machine that is attempting to compete with various other tech giants that are currently operating within the industry. Some of the new changes that are coming to the platform are relevant to creators that are operating on the platform.

One change is happening to the manner in which you can upload videos. Whereas previously you could choose to end up using the classic upload flow that was a traditional part of old school YouTube, this feature is now slowly being phased out for creators.

Most people use the newer upload flow though so this might not be all that much of an issue, although the fact that certain issues have been reported with the newer version will need to be addressed otherwise many creators would be forced to contend with a feature that they really don’t want to work with for a variety of reasons.

That said, the new upload mechanism has a lot of new features that the old one did not have as well, including a way to self certify your ads as being suitable for certain brands although YouTube would definitely still be regulating these ads to some extent. Also, bulk uploads are a new feature that would make the lives of many creators much easier than they might have been otherwise. Hence, the switch to the new upload experience might not be such a bad thing after all.

YouTube is also making it a lot easier for you to caption your videos. It has partnered with a lot of professional caption providers and have made it so that you can get discounted rates for captions and also incorporate captions into your videos through a few clicks rather than making it a whole long and drawn out process that would take a long period of time to finish properly.

Another change that is coming has to do with YouTube’s attitude towards adult content. The platform is attempting to specify what forms of adult content are and are not allowed. Graphic nudity is generally banned and this is going to continue to be the case, but it seems like YouTube is not going to be all that strict with people talking about personal experiences, sex education and the like, although much of this content would not be monetized which is something that is going to impact quite a few creators.

The subscription feed is also being changed. With iOS getting Topics in the feed a while ago, this is now going to be implemented into the Android app which is the sort of thing that would make it a lot easier for users to figure out what content they have in their feed and make it so that they can better organize their content all in all. This focus on the subs feed is definitely a welcome step in the right direction, one that would enable people to use YouTube much more efficiently.

All of the above mentioned updates were highlighted by Creator Insider channel in a new video (featured below):

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