Twitter Takes Down Custom Camera Captions Feature And The Bigger Photo Exhibition Format

It seems that Twitter is making corrections in its approach towards visual representation settings within its tweets. Last year, the platform introduced an updated Twitter Camera, that offered users a new way to include colorful caption panels to photos that were clicked via the native camera feature, and those photos were also displayed bigger in Twitter timelines.

Now, Twitter is making some changes in those updates, and the platform announced that it’s taking down these features. Twitter is also making some other changes to the native camera option. Twitter posted a tweet stating that users will now be able to include up to four photos that were clicked via the camera. You can now also reply and retweet with images and videos. However, you could already reply and retweet with images and videos, the platform has evidently altered the functionality of the native camera option.

The main change Twitter has introduced is that it has removed colorful caption panels and larger photo presentation format. The platform initially released the feature back in March 2019, and it seemed like a way for the platform to align with the extensive shift of individuals towards visual storytelling via the entire-screen, vertical representation of stories. Considering that Twitter is gradually enhancing its Stories options in Fleets, Twitter’s version of Stories, the platform probably may not necessarily need to do that in normal tweets anymore. The larger image presentation format might have sensed awkward within timelines for some Twitter users.

Considering the above reasons, it makes sense why Twitter removed these options. You may also note that Twitter acquired Chroma Labs during February of this year. Chroma Labs is a team lead by a former product manager at Facebook-owned Instagram and Chroma Labs specializes in Stories format. This may also be the reason for the decision to take down the exhibition style from regular Twitter posts, and rather focus on Fleets feature for these types of functioning.

This effect is perhaps quite minimal. For the platform to remove these options, that would likely recommend that these are not widely used by Twitter users, Twitter may have sensed a bit out of place for photos that were clicked via the native camera option anyway. We are also waiting for the Fleets to be rolled out to users across the world as Twitter is still testing the feature in some select markets.

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