Twitter Rolls Out Small but Significant Update for Embedded Tweets

Embedded tweets are an important part of the manner in which most people end up using Twitter on a regular basis, and the fact of the matter is that there are a number of different ways in which you might want to look into embedding tweets that are relevant to you. Twitter is rolling out some minor changes (as first spotted by SocialMediaToday) that don’t appear to be all that significant but the truth of the situation is that they can actually be quite impactful when you consider the various ways in which they improve how embedded tweets look.

The tweet will now be shown with rounded edges, and the text is going to be larger as well. what’s more is that the like count and engagement data will be shown in blue rather than grey. You can probably tell where we are going with this. The new embedded tweets are much more easily visible which is a very important thing to take into account if you truly want to make it so that you end up getting the very best results possible.

The improved readability is not going to be immediately apparent, but chances are that the stats will show just how much they improve the various ways in which we look into the kind of embedded tweets that we can offer to the people that follow us.

If the engagement with such tweets goes up then this will show how small and seemingly insignificant changes can actually have quite a serious impact on the kind of readability that a particular feature would have. It’s important to take things like this into account because not all changes need to be big in order to be impactful, and social media platforms often do need to make small changes like this if their goal truly is to attempt to optimize their platform in every single way, shape or form.

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