Twitter is Working On Showing Link Previews In Tweet Composer, Search For Lists is Also In Development

If we were to talk about few of the positives that emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic then majorty of them turned out to be a part of the social media world - which honestly makes sense considering how platforms became the lifeline for people.

Hence, continuing with the list, Twitter yet again continues to make the mark all by working on to introduce link previews in tweet composer in Twitter web app. For all of the Twitterati (including me or maybe you) this is a feature that has been long-awaited and will definitely bring more engagement on the platform.

Prior to the recent developments, whenever a user tried to post a link of some article or any company’s website, Twitter always showed an old traditional URL as a part of the tweet. Other sites like Facebook and even Instagram moved towards the addition of “link preview” but Twitter for years remained the same and kept many journalists, bloggers or even general users in difficulty whenever they either wanted to share their work or some exciting information from a third source.

However, that finally is about to change according to the recent workings which were first spotted by a well-known reverse engineer of apps, Jane Manchun Wong. She revealed the changes by posting a screenshot of the new link previews and a single glimpse of the new development does look promising.

Twitter has focused on keeping the link preview and tweet part prominent in proportion so now other users will enjoy the “extra information” from third party links more freely. This in return can also result into an increase in the divergence of traffic from Twitter to the sites which would have their links posted in the form of Tweets.

Besides that, Jane also shared another update which relates to Twitter working on “Search for Lists” - another feature that is expected to become a hot favorite of users soon, considering how finding lists can lead users to more amazing content on the platform.

Twitter, more recently has been focusing on introducing features that the public kept on demanding for years. So one can expect there might be a “Search for Bookmarks” in the line soon.

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