Twitter’s Camera Gets An Update, and It Looks Very Familiar

Twitter used to reign supreme in the world of social media, often giving the giant that is Facebook a run for its money as well. A lot of social media users looked to Twitter as a viable alternative to Facebook and found it to be a much more rewarding platform that provided the opportunity to connect with people more fully. However, over the past few years the platform has lost a lot of its original allure. A failure to keep pace with innovations in the industry as well as Facebook’s aggressive attempts to diversify their range of services has left Twitter in the dust, and the platform has been recently scrambling to regain some of its lost momentum.

It has been making a lot of changes to its design, as well as the user interface of the platform. These changes have gotten mixed reviews, but they are not all that Twitter has up its sleeve. A big part of the reason why Twitter lost out in popularity to other platforms is because of the fact that it is a predominantly text based service among increasingly photo-centric social media platforms.

In an attempt to get in on this action, Twitter has updated its camera. You can now swipe left to access the camera, after which you can take a picture, make a looped two minute video or go live through the Periscope feature. This camera looks a lot like what Instagram offers though, although that might have something to do with a lack of valid innovations left to look into. Twitter is late to the party, criminally so, but this might be the push it needed to get back on par with its many rivals.

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