Twitter is rolling out its new docked DM chat window for more web users

Recently, social media apps reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong reported that Twitter is testing a new DM chat window, much like the Facebook Messenger, with picture-in-picture display for personal and direct messages for its platform on the web application.

These messages will be shown in a small sub-window near the bottom right corner of the screen. This type of DM chat window is not new as Messenger and LinkedIn already have a similar representation pattern for PC users.

This new format has been in works for a while now. There have been previous reports too that suggested that Twitter was working on this new style for the DM chat window. However, it seems that the work has sped up now, as more and more users are observing the roll out of this update, and probably soon, Twitter will introduce its improved messaging system for its all users.

There are differing opinions from users about this news. Many hard-core Facebook Messenger users are angry that Twitter has ‘stolen’ their format. While many Twitter users are happy because with this ‘window in a window’ format, they can easily communicate with people on their messenger, while also able to keep an eye on the Twitter feed at the same time.

In a way, it is a hassle-free choice, and it can lead to effective engagement with people on both fronts- DM chat window as well as through the feed. If you are talking to a friend in the DM window, you can simultaneously share a tweet from your timeline with your friend in the chat window, without having to open one window after another.

This will not only save a lot of time; it will also bring more productivity to the users while they are using Twitter.

Users will be able to deactivate it if they do not like it, but considering all the benefits that it can bring, it seems that it is going to be quite a functional option that many people will like once it rolls out.

It is not known that when it will be launched and whether it will be available for all countries or in specific regions initially? So, let us wait and see how it all plays out!

Screenshot: Twitter / Lostincosmo.

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