Twitter extends support to the #KeepItOn campaign to prevent the shutdown of the internet globally

Twitter has recently announced its support for the #KeepItOn campaign and is coming up with a special emoji for the hashtag on its widely used platform. However, the point to be noted is that Twitter is not joining the campaign, rather supporting it with its influence and powerful approach.

#KeepItOn is a campaign which is being run by the coalition of different organizations like Access Now, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, AfroLeadership, Association Francophone pour Les Droits de l’Homme, Bloggers Association of Kenya, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and more than 200 other organizations that fight for the global rights.

These organizations are fighting and openly opposing Internet shutdowns by governments all over the world.

As an extension of this cause, these organizations have written an open letter to the Indian government to restore the 4G internet service in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This letter says that this request has already been made multiple times, but it is falling on deaf ears. With the restoration of the Internet in these heavily curfewed regions, at least COVID-19 related information and containment measures can take place, while some of their other needs can be fulfilled too. Besides, it is beyond barbaric to keep those people in complete isolation from the world for so many days!

With tech giants and widely popular apps like Twitter coming forward to extend support to this cause, there is hope that the notion of global internet shutdowns by the governments can be nipped in the bud. And maybe it will also affect the authorities to restore internet service in the Jammu and Kashmir too.

Usually, Twitter charges a fee for such branded hashtags and emojis, or it creates them only when there are some events of utmost importance that need to be highlighted.

This is a marketing strategy employed by many companies too. They pay Twitter to make special hashtags for their cause, products, or services, which can then get into trending. This marketing trick employs the “stopping power,” which means that these hashtags make the people stop and learn about them. This, without any doubt, helps in boosting the sales too, because, the attention that ads receive leaps by more than 10% when such branded emojis and hashtags are included in the ad!

Now, with Twitter using its stopping power for this important cause is actually commendable. And hopefully, this will have a larger impact than any other effort in the matter will.

Featured photo: AccessNow
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