WHAT?! Is Twitter about to Clone one of Facebook's most Essential Layouts?

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”... we have been hearing this saying since our childhood. However, it’s time that we see it come to life. Recently, it was revealed that Twitter is considering making an interesting change to its DMs' layout on the web app. What’s interesting about the potential change is that it will make the micro-blogging platform look less like Twitter and more like… Facebook!

If you are aware of Jane Manchun Wong, she has amassed widespread recognition for finding out about unreleased features and updates of different social media services. And she has done it once again!

Recently, Wong posted a tweet, according to which, Twitter is reportedly working on a “docked DM window” for its web app. She also attached a couple of screenshots with her tweet to give us a better idea. After looking at the potentially new DM window, all we can say is that it looks exactly like Facebook’s docked DM window.

Once (and if) it rolls out, you will be able to use it just like the same feature is used on Facebook. You will see a list of the people you are interacting with. Once you select any of those, you will be able to chat with them.

Even the comments on Wong’s post are centered on the (apparently) new style of Twitter’s DM window sharing uncanny resemblance with its Facebook counterpart. While some people have coined the terms “Facebooked” and “Facebookification” for this strange new update, others are concerned if Twitter will consider introducing a standalone app for its DMs (shoutout to Messenger).

It remains unknown if Twitter plans on moving forward with this change or if it is just a test. If plans are for it to be rolled out, we will likely be seeing it within the next couple of months. So far, people have had mixed reactions to this news.

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