Microsoft Has Updated its Chromium-based Edge Browser With A New Game You Can Play When You Are Offline

It seems that Microsoft is determined to one-up Google wherever possible with its Edge browser. This includes one of the most significant areas, the cute mini-game users could play when they are offline. Microsoft has now introduced a new mini-game to its chromium-based Edge browser and this game is more advanced as compared to jumping a dinosaur over cactus in Chrome.

Microsoft has been previewing this game for a few months, and the company has now finally updated its chromium-based Edge browser with a new Surf game. You can access the new Surf game at any time if you've latest Edge browser by typing ‘edge://surf’ into the address bar.

The new Surf game introduced by Microsoft got its inspiration from old SkiFree game from the past of Windows OS. This new Surf game is decidedly more sophisticated and advanced than the mini-game you can play on Chrome when you are offline. This game can keep you busy for a few minutes, and it will be fun to play when you are offline.

Discussing the new Surf game, it is basically an endless running game. You will have to surf around obstacles while playing this game and stay one step ahead of a kraken to keep scoring points. There are other modes available in the game too, such as zig-zag mode and objective-based time trial modes. As we said earlier that the game is advanced as compared to jumping a dinosaur over cactus in Chrome, users can also use a range of inputs while playing this game. You can use your keyboard, mouse, touch, or even a gamepad with haptic feedback while playing the new Surf game on Microsoft’s chromium-based Edge browser.

Discussing the difficulty levels of this game, the high visibility will help in this aspect. There are also low-speed modes available in the game that will help with the difficulty of the new Surf game. Microsoft also stated that the company promises a few secrets in the game. We expect that these few secrets will prove to be more fun for you while playing the new Surf game when you are offline.

Obviously, users will not download the Microsoft Edge browser only to play the new Surf game, but the release of this game clearly indicates that Microsoft is making efforts to update small details in its latest Edge browser. The new Surf game at least offers people a convenient and quick way to kill time while they are waiting for their modem to reboot.

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