Twitter Introduces New Emoji Seeing the Increased Expression of Gratitude in Tweets

The pandemic has brought many changes in the world, including the increased use of social media platforms. People have been using various platforms not only to entertain themselves but also to express gratitude and thankfulness, may be more than ever before.

Twitter recently shared data which showed that after March 15 over 150 million tweets throughout the world have expressed gratitude and thanks. On average, the figure has shown a 26 percent jump after February.

The graph shared by the social media platform displayed a continuous increase in the tweets full of gratitude, with the highest number of tweets in March and continued throughout April. The data included tweets in different languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Seeing the trend and interest of people, Twitter then introduced a new emoji that would appear when a hashtag #thankful or #gratitude will be used. The emoji is not limited to the English language only but would appear in various other languages as well.

The increased use of other emojis has also been noticed as the praying hands' emoji is used 50 percent more, and clapping hands emoji use increased by 10 percent during the recent situation.

The question is for whom people are showing gratitude? According to Twitter, ‘everyone’ is the keyword, as gratitude is expressed for everyone who is on the frontline, everyone helping in these times, and everyone working in healthcare.

Previously, other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram have also introduced new stickers for their Stories feature, which might have a different purpose but the inspiration came from the ongoing Coronavirus situation worldwide.

Many Twitter users appreciated the new emoji addition by the platform while many have used to check the latest addition. It is expected that the introduction of new emoji would further increase the use of these words on the platform.

Twitter has shown support to frontline workers in the past as well. Like in March, on the World Health day, Twitter encouraged its users to show support to all health workers, using the clapping hand emoji in the tweets.

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