Instagram updates its Live feature, Videos can now be saved in the IGTV without any 24-hours deadline

Instagram has rolled out a much-needed update. Instagram Live videos had an annoying “habit” of disappearing after 24 hours since they appear in the Stories, but now, these Live videos can be safely archived to IGTV. This is where the videos that are longer in duration as compared to the normal ones appearing in the feed can be saved and watched on Instagram.

Instagram Live has seen a remarkable growth amid the global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. People have been staying inside their homes and maintaining the protocol of social distancing. To stay in touch with their loved ones, a greater number of people are resorting to video calls and video live streaming sessions on various platforms.

This is the first time that all celebrities and renowned public figures are sitting at home and have nothing much to do. Many performers are using Instagram Live to broadcast their talents and performances through live videos to their followers, looking for more engagement on a personal level with their fans and subscribers now.

Instagram is also letting people arrange fundraisers through these live streaming video sessions, and this just adds more to the value of Live videos.

With the help of this recent update, all these people who are going live can properly save their video streams for viewers to watch them whenever they want, without the deadline of the videos disappearing after one day.

These videos can be downloaded and later posted on other forums like YouTube too. Facebook had announced in April 2020 that this update is going to be the extension of its live streaming feature, and it is true.

During these critical times when the world is going through an exceedingly difficult phase, it is good to see our Tech giants take small but significant measures to make things easy for people. They are constantly updating their existing features in hopes to make the overall user experience exceptionally smooth.

With these Live videos, there are so many amazing things that can happen. Not only for the public’s entertainment, but many of these live videos are actually quite informative in many ways. Since people are free these days, they keep discussing different things that may help others in diverse ways.

With the 24 hours’ time restraint of live videos in Insta Stories, there was always a limited chance of outreach to only a small number of people. Now, with this update, the outreach will improve too, and that is a wonderful thing.

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