Google ‘Meet’ users to finally get background blur?

Following the coronavirus pandemic, Google made its premium version of ‘Meet’ free for everyone in order to cater the millions of people from the global workforce who are now working from home.

However, despite making all the features available for the general public, Google Meet did not satisfy some users for the feature it lacked in its service.

Yes, the Background Blur!

Working from home may provide the flexibility to work from your own personal space but it has its drawback – especially when it comes to homes with children, which are often messier than many.

Rival Microsoft Teams and Google’s very own Duo offered relief in this sense by enabling the option of background blurs to cover any chaos that might be happening behind the users.

However, the same feature was not available for Google’s Meet users who often felt embarrassment by the imperfections behind them.

Well, luckily, that may not be the case anymore as back-end code of Google Meet’s latest version 41.5 on Play Store shows background blur as the most prominent addition. According to 9to5Google The version includes four strings that mention background blur and seems like Google would be testing the option in its Meet app, starting with Android.

The definite date for the integration of background blur in Meet calls is still uncertain and there is a potential chance of Google not ever shipping these features. However, it is at least testing the aforementioned strings and we can anticipate an official launch soon – especially with remote working a major requirement of today’s corporate world.

Of course, Google Meet adding background blur to its system would still keep it far behind one of its biggest competitor – Zoom that offers an option to replace the background with an image or video of the user’s choice.

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