Google Meet Is Now Free For Everyone

Two weeks ago, Google announced a surprise for all of the internet users by stating that Google Meet would soon become free for everyone to use. And now as the surge in videoconferencing is high with every passing day, Google is ready to roll out with free availability.

Google Meet was initially built only for enterprises but as the world is currently operating more on video calls, Google knows that they can earn more by simply opening the platform for all users coming through, iOS or even Android.

The decision has been a result of some amazing results that Google enjoyed during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Back in March Google first made Meet for all G-suite users. By doing so, the company saw daily usage grow by 30X as more than 3 million new users came to the platform every day last month.

As Google plans to cash in more, therefore along with expanding the access of Meet, they have also decided to ramp up the software by adding new useful features and providing a direct access to users via Gmail as well.

It has become pretty obvious that video-conferencing tools are becoming a software for survival during the pandemic. People are finding creative ways to stay social and productive all with the help of what either Zoom is providing or Google’s new version of Meet promises to and even Facebook has also introduced Messenger Rooms — a consumer-focused video conferencing tool.

Looking at the forefront, one may say that every tech giant is aiming to compete for dominating in the video call category but as every platform is focused to make their own way into the new culture, video calling in the end for sure would be more fun for users only. So, the competition is a good sign and one can trust Google to bring different and useful innovations - just like before.

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