Facebook Plans to Reopen Offices in July

Not too long ago, Twitter made some serious headlines when CEO Jack Dorsey announced that employees would be able to work from home indefinitely as a result of the fact that the coronavirus pandemic already has them working from home at least for the year. This started a lot of discussion about how other companies would operate in the coming months, with Microsoft and Amazon choosing to make most employees work from home at least until October. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that they would reopen their offices in phases throughout the summer, and now Facebook has weighed in with its open reopening processes.

The social media giant has announced that it will be reopening offices in July but will only be making 25% of its overall workforce come to the office to work with the rest working from home. Making 75% of its employees work from home will facilitate social distancing in the office because of the fact that a smaller number of employees would be using a larger office space allowing them to sit and work far from each other whilst still being available to furnish the day to day requirements of things like this.

Wearing face masks at the workplace is also going to be mandatory as an added precaution to make it so that the spread of coronavirus can be prevented and an outbreak at the office becomes far less possible which is understandable because of the fact that an outbreak at Facebook’s HQ could end up having a pretty serious impact on the kind of future Facebook might be able to have all in all.

The reopening of offices is a contentious issue but at the end of the day some companies might have to reopen offices in order to get work done because of the fact that an extended work from home situation could result in losses in the long run.

Facebook Plans to Reopen Offices in July

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