A viral conspiracy video related to coronavirus pandemic surfaces and poses imperative threat to social media platforms and people

A misleading conspiracy “Plandemic Movie” video recently surfaced which contains falsified claims about the novel coronavirus, and it refutes all the safety measures that are necessary to stop the spread of the deadly disease.

Major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. are working to remove this video from getting viral.

The video is supposedly part of a larger documentary that is going to release in a few months. This documentary is perfect fodder for conspiracy theory lovers, as it feeds to claims suggesting that this virus was “created” to earn profits through vaccines. Also, it goes against the medical experts and tells people that staying inside or using masks to prevent the spread of the virus are useless measures, as they only weaken the immune system and make people sicker.

This is a profoundly serious issue, as it is spreading extremely false and harmful medical misinformation. Conspiracy theorists are now harassing medical professionals to provide proof of the severity of the situation and are refuting all medical advises and claims.

It is also completely violating the guidelines set by WHO earlier this year to prevent the spread of misinformation and propaganda related to COVID-19

The 26 minutes long video which is an excerpt from the disastrous documentary has already been viewed and shared widely across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo.

According to CNBC, one video on Facebook received more than 1.7 million views within a few hours, and it was shared more than 140000 times.

Facebook had initially decided to not remove the video from its platforms, however, later, it realized that this video is prompting people to completely disregard all medical precautions and it was a clear threat for society if it was allowed to be shared and viewed continuously. So, Facebook also later removed it. But it was already late. This was a very disappointing response from a giant app like Facebook. It was expected to have shown more responsibility.

On YouTube, one of these videos received more than 1 million views before the authorities removed it. Thankfully, YouTube’s policy regarding flagged content that violates community and medical guidelines is pretty strict, and quick action was taken against this video, unlike Facebook. But still, it managed to reach a large number of people, which is quite upsetting.

Vimeo showed a quick response too and deleted the video as promptly as possible. They also claimed that they will keep a vigilant eye on uploads of videos of similar nature in the future also.

Twitter blocked the hashtags #PlagueofCorruption and #PlandemicMovie from search and trends too. But there is a video by Judy Mikovits which claims that masks are killing people and are extremely unsafe to use. Twitter states that this video is not violating its misinformation policy, therefore, it has not been removed, but marked as “unsafe” instead.

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