News From Google Confirms: Dark Mode is a Huge Boost for Battery Life

Google details just how good dark mode is for your batteryDark mode is a useful feature that is mainly used to make late night browsing and streaming a more pleasant experience, as well as place less strain on your eyes in the process. An added benefit of dark mode, however, is that it allows you to save battery. Using your phone while it is in dark mode will allow you to prolong your battery life because of the fact that fewer pixels will be using up power from the battery in order to light up your screen.

Google recently confirmed that this was the case at the Android Dev Summit. They showed data from their Pixel phone that proved that white was the most energy consuming light, whereas dark mode ended up using less than a third of the battery that white light at maximum brightness tended to consume. Google also acknowledged that their Android phones tended to use a lot of white light which could potentially compromise your battery life and fail to let your phone reach its full potential in terms of how long it can stay functional after being fully charged a single time.

In above video "Cost of a Pixel Color" Chris Banes and Alan Viverette two engineers in the Android Developer Relations team at Google, talks about why darker pixels save power on smartphones, and what steps application creators can take to help users save battery life.

Google’s big Android battery ‘oops’ and future Dark Modes

One problem that you might face with dark mode is the harshness of the white text on a black background. This ends up making it difficult to read sometimes, as we are currently quite used to black text appearing on a white background. However, this is not that big a deal and you will definitely get used to it eventually. The important thing is that Google is acknowledging the problems of using so much white light, and has given you the option of decreasing the impact that this light will end up having on your overall battery life over the course of your day.

Featured image via: Piereligio
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