YouTube rolls out a short-video ad tool for small businesses

YouTube is introducing a new tool that would allow small business owners to create video ads in the least possible cost. The tool is fairly easy to use and doesn’t require any technical or creative know-how.

Titled as the YouTube Video Builder, the tool went for a testing phase with a small group of users and is now being rolled out to the general public. According to Ali Miller Director, Product Management, YouTube Ads, the video builder will specifically help the small businesses during the pandemic when the need to release videos quickly is apparent.

Business owners who wish to access this tool can log on to the service via their Google account. They can also link their non-Google email address to avail the service. Businesses will also need to have their own YouTube channel to upload videos.

The operations of the YouTube video builder is simple. Advetisers can utilize images, text, and photos from their business’s profile and customize the layout, colors, and fonts as per the preference. The video can be either six-second or 15-second long and will be uploaded as Unlisted on the company’s channel.

The company can also share the video on social media and/or embed it with other websites. And if they wish, they can run the videos on ads through Google Ads.

Similar to YouTube, Vimeo also released a tool to aid small business owners to create professional-looking social videos in February. Last fall, Facetuner maker Lightricks also launched a line of apps that would be helpful for small businesses in their social media marketing campaigns.

Adobe, Apple, Magisto, PicsArt, and Canva also offer their own versions of video-editing tools that offer multiple features to assist the business owners to create innovative imagery – without being heavy on the pockets.

However, the YouTube Video Builder outweighs the other competitors as videos integrated through the tool are specifically optimized for YouTube viewers and Google Ads program. The tool is available to the global advertisers, who can access it after logging into a beta program.

YouTube says that it has the capacity to accommodate every user that signs up for the service. The company further says that the tool will help businesses stay in touch with their clients and consumers during the global lockdown phase due to the pandemic.

The YouTube Video Builder is available for free. It is offered in English. However, the videos can be created in any language. Just click here to sign up.

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