Survey Proves Netflix and YouTube Are The Two Most Popular Video Streaming Platform Among Teenagers

Which one has been your absolute favorite binge-watching platform in this quarantine time, Netflix or YouTube? Well, whatever your answer might be, Netflix is actually winning the streaming race and the credit goes to Generation Zers.

To back the claim that we have just made, an Investment and research firm Piper Sandler surveyed 5,200 consumers in the US belonging to the average age group of 16+ years and were spread across 41 states. The results of the spring 2020 teen survey showed that Netflix was clearly the most popular video streaming platform while YouTube stood second with a narrow margin.

However, with all the bright news for Netflix, Piper Sandler also reported with the research that teenagers are spending 33% of their video consumption time on Netflix on average. This is a noticeable decline from 35% in 2019. Furthermore, teens have also spent 31% of their daily video time on YouTube which is also down from 37% in the last year.

Furthermore, Cable TV has continued to go down with 11% consumption only. Not to forget that shares of TV had already begun cutting in half back in 2017.

Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus made surprising entries in the survey. Despite being released in last November, teenagers dedicated 7% of their daily video consumption to Disney Plus while Apple TV Plus only got 2%.

Hulu is the only one in the list that saw an increase in its consumption from 7% to 8%, whereas Amazon Prime Video was still at 3%.

Here is the full list with details below:

Netflix and YouTube Are The Two Most Popular Video Streaming Platform Among Teenagers

Besides the current standings, Netflix now has 167 million subscribers worldwide - as per the latest earnings report released in January 2020 and 61 million alone belong to the United States. Disney Plus managed to get 28.2 million subscribers as of February and Hulu enjoys 30.7 million.

We are in for a great streaming war!

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