60 awesome tools and services made freely available amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic hit the world at the end of 2019 and affected more than 190 countries and millions of people.

For the sake of safety and to stop the spread of this deadly virus, the measures of social distancing and lockdown had to be implemented all over the globe.

Big organizations and companies had to shut down their offices, and employees have been encouraged to work from home since then. Educational institutes had to close too, and the students are continuing their education through online sources.

Various healthcare providers, experts, researchers, government organizations, NGOs and analysts at the moment need different software to combat the pandemic too.

With so many people relying on technologies that support video conferencing, remote team collaborations, online study portals, and other activities, the demand for efficient tools has increased. The world economy has crashed down too, so the need for free software increased exponentially, and to cater to this problem, many established tech companies have now made their software freely available for a certain period of time, while others offering extended trails.

The companies that are providing these services are as follows:


The popular company Adobe has made some of the most amazing software design and web-conferencing tools, Adobe Connect free with a 90-days license. It is also allowing users free from home access to its Creative Cloud suite of tools for teachers and students.


It focuses primarily on online databases and spreadsheets for non-political humanitarian users. It has made its Airtable Pro Product free with no time limit. It is also providing students with a free .edu email account for two years.


It is providing its planning software free for 90 days to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), and other non-profit organizations for staff-scheduling and call-center rosters.


It is offering a Low-code application platform for free to organizations to manage the health and safety of over 1000 employees.


It is providing its Jira issue-and-project-tracking software and Confluence team collaboration tools for free to teams up to 10 people without any time limit.

Also, it is offering schools and higher education institutions free one-year subscriptions to its Trello Business Class service, which can be used by teachers to schedule coursework and other activities.


It is offering its Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to educational institutions and nonprofits through August 31 with a limit of 200 participants per meeting on the service.


It is offering its Spotlight product for Workforce governance and compliance free all through May.


It is offering free Connectivity for remote work for two months.


It is offering Finance and accounting software for free for six months.


It is offering Videoconferencing service free for three months to first responders and NGOs helping communities dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.


It is providing free services for three months for Online board meetings and committees.


It is offering Supply-chain software for free to public sector organizations in North America till July.


It is providing services for Cloud content collaboration and storage, free for three months.


It is providing Recruitment software and video interview services free for two months.


It is providing free Scheduling software integration with videoconferencing services and unpaid access to its premium services.


It is providing Visualization and spatial-analysis software for free to organizations tackling with COVID-19 crisis via its grant program.


It is providing free Videoconferencing service and has scrapped time limits on meetings and has expanded the service’s capacity so that it can support up to 100 people on a call.


It has made its enterprise-grade features available for free, along with a 30-minute onboarding session with one of their experts.


It is giving free Pro membership and access to courses of Web Development, Mobile Development, and Data Science for an entire school year.


It is providing free low-code service for process management and CRM to hospitals, healthcare facilities, NGOs and Government organizations through October.


It is providing its AI platform, machine learning and data preparation for free to organizations and research establishments.


It is providing businesses in North America and Japan a free Cloud-based phone system and videoconferencing service for two months.

It is also offering its videoconferencing tool, UberConference Business for free for two months.

Diligent Corporation

It is offering free software for Online board meetings to nonprofits and K-12 school boards.


It is offering Cloud content collaboration and storage plus electronic agreements free for six months to NGOs and other organizations battling the pandemic.


It is offering free Cloud data management and data protection software through June 30th.


It is offering its Rebate-management software which lets users do things such as set up deals and create a central repository of them for free during the pandemic.

EZ Texting

It is offering free emergency Text alert service for municipalities, government agencies, and schools with a .gov or .edu email address.


It is offering its premium version of Workplace Advanced, which allows video calling and file sharing, for free to emergency services and governments for 12 months. The signing up deadline is June 30th.


It is offering free accounts for Data collection and privacy management.


It is providing high-quality content, including illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentations templates until the 30th of June free of charge.


This company is offering its customer-engagement tool free of charge for the next half year which only small businesses with less than 50 workers can avail. These tools can help in handling things such as customer queries and some elements of remote work.


It has launched a Customer-contact software which has free access for three months.

It helps companies launch a secure, cloud-based contact center that lets workers from physical call centers handle calls from home.


Google Cloud is offering free Videoconferencing service and online productivity tools for all G-Suite and G-Suite Education.

This enables calls of up to 250 people and also allows meetings to be recorded and saved on Google Drive.


It is offering free Social media management services to small companies and businesses most affected by the pandemic through July.


It is offering free Privacy-management software to organizations combatting the COVID-19 pandemic in the US and Europe.


Cloud-based business productivity tools for high-speed file sharing, team collaboration and supply chain management services by Big Blue are being offered for free.

Educational services like Teacher Advisor with Watson, a curated planning tool and a database of K-8 math lessons are also being offered for free.

Gotomeeting (by LogMeIn)

Is providing free three-month site-wide licenses of Videoconferencing, webinars and device management products to healthcare providers, educational institutions and municipalities. Existing customers can also benefit from these offers.


It is abolishing the limit on the number of videos that a user can access under its free plan through July 1 (previously the limit was 25). It is extending the free trial period of its premium Loom Pro service from 14 to 30 days. It’s also making Loom Pro free for students and teachers at K-12 schools, universities, and other educational institutes.


It is offering free accounts for electronic information-sharing to governments, schools, healthcare facilities, and other organizations that need to communicate crucial health information about the COVID-19.

Existing customers who fall into these categories will not be billed during this period and those who are on MailChimp’s free or basic plans will be upgraded to the standard one at no cost.


Microsoft is abolishing the user limit on its free version, which was previously restricted to 300 people. Microsoft has also announced it is making the basic version of its Office 365 enterprise suite of productivity tools such as Word and Excel free for six months to organizations, which gives users access to the premium version of Microsoft Teams.


It is offering free online training for six months with a final cut-off of the end of the year, to front-line COVID-19 responder organizations, manufacturers making personal protective equipment and telehealth providers.


It is offering free access for two months to organizations requiring Voice-transcription services and distance learning classes.


It is offering a free e-signature service with no limits to the number of documents that a user can manage through it.


It is providing free Capture and distribution of video content services for three months to executives and teachers etc.


The company is giving free access to its Pluralsight Skills platform with more than seven thousand courses and skill assessments for April.

Quick Base

Healthcare facilities, governments, educational institutes, and nonprofit organizations can get free access to Quick Base software that helps them digitize workflows throughout September.


For COVID-19 responder organizations, the company is offering a total of $10 million of free hosting resources through its OpenStack Public Cloud for six months.


RingCentral Office, which provides call-management, videoconferencing and other services is now free for schools, healthcare providers and nonprofit organizations.


The company is providing free access to its Health Cloud service for response teams, call centers and care-management groups for health systems impacted by COVID-19. It is also making the basic service of its Quip team collaboration software available for any Salesforce customer or nonprofit through September 30. The company’s Tableau unit has also made available a free hub of coronavirus-related data resources.


SAP has made a range of its services available for free. They include its SAP Ariba Discovery supply-chain software and its Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse service, which lets organizations connect with—and get feedback from—remote workers. SAP is also offering some free courses through its SAP University Alliances program.


ServiceNow, whose software helps organizations digitize workflows, has launched several new applications. One that was developed in conjunction with the state of Washington State’s Department of Health manages incident-response workflows and is being made free to other agencies. The other applications, which are free for ServiceNow customers and can be accessed by non-customers too, including ones that help businesses deal with workflows associated with sharing COVID-19-related information and situations in which employees have to self-quarantine.


Slack is offering free upgrades to paid plans for organizations working on coronavirus research, response or mitigation, as well as to local media organizations and scientific publications covering these areas. The company has also removed the 250-user cap on its Standard Plan service for all nonprofits for three months.


It is giving free access to the company’s Smartsheet Gov product to the U.S. government agencies that are involved in the planning, tracking and communication programs as responders to the COVID-19 crisis.

Smartsheet is also offering free templates for COVID-19 planning to its licensed users and others who sign up for a free trial.


The company has made its business-continuity service free for three months for organizations if they sign up before May 1.


The company is making its screen recording tool, TechSmith Snagit, and its collaboration platform, TechSmith Video Review free throughout June. It is also allowing existing customers to increase their usage of TechSmith’s digital-learning platform and online video-collaboration environment for no extra cost over the same period.


As the COVID-19 crisis accelerated over time, this company also pushed hard to the services that it was already in its developing phase. It allows employees to communicate with one another and to allow employers to share video messages with their workforces. Vidyard for Internal Communications will be available for free throughout June.


The company is offering free licenses to its cloud-communications service for three months that will support up to 250 users. It is also making its standalone videoconferencing service available for free through the end of the year and is letting healthcare companies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations use its advanced business communications package without charge for three months.


To help employees stay in touch and get feedback, Workhuman is making special editions of its Life Events and Conversations products free until March 2021.


To help small businesses, which are a big part of its customer base, Zoho has launched a program that will waive the cost of the applications being used by up to 20,000 companies for three months and Zoho will prioritize the companies most in need. Zoho has also launched a new set of free applications to help people who are working remotely.


Zoom has removed a 40-minute meeting limit on its free Basic accounts for students and teachers for schools in America. The company has partnered with Clever so that schools that do not have access to its service can get it quickly. It has also scrapped time limits on meetings for schools in many countries afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

So, this is the complete list of all the companies that are providing free software for a limited or unlimited time frame. Various companies, health organizations, government, and non-profit organizations, educational institutes and students can benefit from these services.

The times are critical, but together we can all prove that we, humans, can combat anything that comes our way if we all stand and work together!

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