Gaming and eSports Conversations take a lead on Twitter amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Rishi Chadha, Head of Gaming Content Partnerships at Twitter, has recently reported over seventy percent rise in conversations related to games on its platform in the past couple of weeks.

Coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the world in so many ways. Apart from affecting millions of people, it has not only claimed the lives of many, but it has also caused a lot of trauma to the survivors too.

Big organizations, companies, and tech firms have seen a downfall with the world economy crashing at a disastrous rate. Approximately forty million people all over the world are sitting at homes due to the implementation of lockdowns and social distancing practices. Malls, gyms, restaurants, bars, parks - basically all the places that can make people come in physical proximity with each other have been shut down too.

People are home-bound, and after work and studies, they do not have much to do to kill time.

Now with this situation of word-wide quarantine, it has already been observed that there has been a massive increase in the usage of the internet related activities. People are using several applications for work, studies, information, and entertainment too.

The video streaming applications have also seen an increase in their usage, in comparison to last year. People who are unable to meet their loved ones due to the lockdown are heavily relying on video calling applications to stay virtually connected with each other.

Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are amongst the most popular and widely used applications. And recently, Twitter noticed that there has been an exponential rise in the conversations related to gaming on its platform.

This is not surprising. People have nothing much to do at home and with everything else closed, they are turning towards online video games for entertainment. And the rise in gamers is giving rise to gaming conversations too.

As per data, the most tweeted games on a global level this year are Animal Crossing: New Horizons!, Fate/Grand Order, Final Fantasy, Ensemble Stars! Fortnite and Monster Strike.

Some other famously tweeted games that have made to this list include Granblue Fantasy, Identity V, Minecraft, and Knives Out.

In the US alone, the most played and discussed games that made to lists this year include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Fortnite, Fire Emblem, Doom, Super Mario, NBA 2K, Overwatch and The Legend of Zelda.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons! is clearly topping the chart of popular games at this time of the year. Twitter has listed the countries where this game is being played and discussed on its platform the most.

Japan tops this list, and the United States, Korea, France, and Spain follow the lead.

Twitter also noticed the rise in tweets about esports amongst the users and it has made a list of the most popularly tweeted esports teams in the last month alone. These teams include @FaZeClan, @G2Esports, @ibr, @FNATIC, @Cloud9, @T1, @TeamLiquid, @Luminosity @paiNGaming, and @TSM.

Another interesting thing that Twitter has noticed is that many people are turning towards writing and creating content that is unique and unconventional. Twitter has given some basic statistic figures that indicates approximately forty percent rise in the emergence of unique writers!

This trend probably means that with all the free time at hand now, people are exploring their hidden potentials and un-earthing their unorthodox and quirky writing talents.

By looking at the state of the world and these trends, one thing can be said with absolute surety- by the end of this whole pandemic, the world will have amazing new writers and brilliant gamers!

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