Twitter Has Decided To Share More User Data With Advertisers

Twitter greeted its users with a notification on Wednesday that was based on an update related to data-sharing settings.

With the pop-up message, the company actually informed its users that they will no longer have control over mobile app advertising measurements and said that the move will allow Twitter to operate as a free service.

Once a lot of users read it, they were bound to press the OK button with exceptions for those who still wanted to opt for more strict data sharing options. But what does this all mean, especially for the non-tech savvy users?

To be very precise, Twitter is about to provide your private details and things that you do on its mobile app to advertisers and there is not much that you can do about it if you still plan onto use the platform.

Prior to the change, users had the choice of turning off the option to “Share your data with Twitter’s business partners” which used to save you from Twitter telling advertisers about the ads that you watched or got impressed with on the platform.

Now with the updated terms in place, the private information might include IP address and mobile device advertising identifiers but the company won’t give away your name, email, phone number, or Twitter username.

The new privacy settings come as default now for the majority of Twitter users. However, a great exception is there for the people who belong to the European Union, European Free Trade Association states, and the United Kingdom. As the laws protecting users’ privacy online are more in the region, users will only be at a disadvantage of sharing information with the advertisers when they choose to opt-in.

This step has been taken in response to the earnings miss that Twitter had to bear last year, all due to how the platform used to previously share information with advertisers. At that time, the social media company blamed the mess on a bug, but the set back certainly made them focus on implementing a new strategy for advertising plans.

Will the world still trust Twitter? Only time will tell!

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