Google Chrome Now Allows You to Add Search Chip to Tabs

When Google Chrome changed up its tab layout a lot of people praised it for being just the sort of thing they needed in order to make it so that they would be able to get a lot more out of their everyday working experience. When it comes to things like Chrome, you would want your tab layout to be as intuitive and efficient as possible but with all of that having been said and out of the way what you really need is a quick and easy way to make searches and the like all of which are going to end up ensuring that you can search for whatever it is you need to read about without necessarily having to navigate back to Google.

It seems like you will now be able to do just that due to the reason that Chrome on mobile devices has now introduced a flag "Tab Grid Layout" that you can use to add search chips to tab overviews. These search chips can be used to make a quick search without navigating anywhere else, something that would help you save a great deal of time while you are taking part in a wide variety of activities on this particular platform all in all.

These are steps that Chrome must take in order to turn itself into an intuitive tool that people can use on a regular basis while working, and it’s fair to say that this is going to put a lot of pressure on Google’s competitors none of which are really able to compete with this tech behemoth in this particular area. Figuring out how to use this feature is quite easy, you just need to enable it after which you can use it as much as you like. It will be interesting to see what other features Chrome has in store for future versions.

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