TikTok Finally Rolls out "Reply with Video" Feature!

You all probably know about (and possibly enjoy) TikTok but are you ready for TikTok-ception? Well, you should be! The popular social media service has recently rolled out a new feature that many users had been requesting for a long time.

As per renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra, the new TikTok feature allows you to reply to a comment with a video. Yes, that’s right! You can now reply to a comment on a TikTok with a... TikTok. Navarra was referred to this news by a Twitter user (@Sphinx). This prompted the consultant to tweet about the feature from his own account and let his followers know about it.

A screenshot is also attached to Navarra’s tweet that gives us a better look at the “reply using video” option. From the looks of it, the feature looks pretty straightforward. All you have to do is reply to any comment by selecting the pink video icon located on the left side of the comment box.

As per Navarra, the feature is now live. You should be able to access it by updating your TikTok app to the latest available version. If you still cannot find the video icon, maybe waiting is the solution for it, since the rollout process might be slow.

It surely is an interesting addition to an already exciting and growing social media platform. It will be fun to see how creatively users utilize it over time!

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