Google App For Android Features "Search Tools" To Filter Results By Time And Match In Its Latest Beta Update

  • Google App for Android added Search tools and other filters in its latest beta update.
  • The tools will help the users to filter their search results according to time and will also be able to filter webpages that list verbatim to their query.
  • Image lookups results will be different after this change made by Google to its Android app.

Google for desktop offers its users some tools which help them to filter the search results by time. These tools also help the user to filter all the webpages to find the results that match verbatim to their query. Previously, these features were not available on the Android app for Google but yesterday, the company released its latest beta for Google Android app which came with the said features.

The company launched these tools in the Android app so that the users can use their Google app as their assistant integration tool instead of just a regular home screen widget search tool. The Google Android app lacked these features and people used chrome instead. Now it seems that the company has worked in this aspect and according to reports, it launched these features in the latest Google app beta yesterday.

Google search always generated the results with high-level categories such as images tab, a video tab, news tab, and shopping tab, etc. And now beyond these high-level categories, Android users will also be able to use tools which will filter the search results based on the time the content was uploaded such as you can see the result for the content uploaded in the past one hours, past week or month or even the app will feature custom range for the time which will help the user to filter results with a specific date. These tools also provide the users with the ability to customize their search results to whether the search engine shows all search results related to their query or only those verbatim to their query made on the search engine.

These filters were finally made available to Android users after such a long time. Users will now be able to perform this task on the Google app without having to use Chrome for the said purpose. You can use these filters by accessing the ‘Search tools’ available under the search bar. A bar will slide down with the options to use these filters and you will be able to filter your search result by time and match. But you can always go back to default results by tapping on the clear button which will turn off these previously active filtration tools.

Image lookups search result may be changed after these features are rolled out for public use on the main app. The company logo and search bar are always shown instead of being hidden by the app after you go for an image tab result.

The Google beta app v11.4 features these filter tools which was released by the company recently and you will not be able to enjoy these features if you are using the stable Google app v11.3.

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