YouTube to launch similar features after being inspired by the short-video platform TikTok

  • TikTok application’s growing fan-base has prodded YouTube to take some action too.
  • Facebook also follows the lead of TikTok.
  • YouTube plans to bring on its version in competition with TikTok, called Shorts.

TikTok is popular but relatively new short-form application that allows user-generated content. But now, it has been reported that YouTube is also planning to clone TikTok's functionality, named as “Shorts.”

The functional principle of Shorts is reportedly going to be very similar to TikTok, as it will allow users to create and upload brief videos in the feed of their mobile app.

The difference between Shorts and TikTok probably lies in their music and sound system only, because TikTok lets people choose from built-in or uploaded song/music collection, while, for Shorts users, the extensive collection of YouTube will provide the sound and music, for their videos.

YouTube has been here since ever, while TikTok came in the market two years ago, and since then, it has only seen mass popularity without any drop in their graph. TikTok is considered as the leading destination for short-form mobile video. It works with a mission, and that is to inspire people to become more creative while simultaneously enjoying what they do. It has touched more than 842 million users all over the world in such a short period.

Within two years, TikTok has reportedly seen more than 135 percent growth, and a 15 percent increase in its users every year.

Even in these critical times of coronavirus pandemic, while the entire world is going through a bad phase with people forced to shut themselves down in their homes to avoid the spread of COVID-19, applications like TikTok are getting more and more popular.

People are turning towards these applications to kill their time when every other recreational source like malls, gyms, parks are closed and they have nothing much to do at their homes. So, creating videos and then uploading them using TikTok has become a major pass-time for a lot of new users now.

Considering all this, it is not surprising that video technology giant applications like YouTube may feel a little threatened. Although YouTube itself is extremely popular, with more than 2 billion monthly users, it is still understandable why YouTube decided to launch its little version of another popular application.

This is not the first time for YouTube to do this even. Sometime back, it brought an Instagram-Stories inspired feature to its app too.

It is appreciable to see that YouTube developers are open to being inspired by other apps, and they are working towards making it more user-friendly while aiming towards involving more and more users in different ways.

YouTube is not alone in this continuous progressive game of apps. It has been reported that Facebook is also working on a version similar to or much alike TikTok. It is named Lasso, and at the moment, it is in the testing phase.

However, it is not known when Shorts and Lasso will gain attention among social media users.

So, all we can do is to sit patiently and wait to see what YouTube and Facebook have in stores for us!

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