Report: YouTube Kids is the Most Used Streaming App, Even more than YouTube

People are spending most of their time indoors during the global pandemic and much of their time is spent on digital platforms. Though YouTube Kids is not the most downloaded app of 2020 but among all other prominent video streaming apps, this is where users are spending most of their time.

A report by Apptopia, an analytics company, and Braze, consumer engagement platform, revealed that in the first three months of 2020, people have spent most time on YouTube Kids than any other platform or service. Both the companies analyzed the data of 35 famous streaming services to check their download, usage, and profit over the months.

No exact figures were mentioned in the report but it showed that YouTube Kids was watched more than all other 34 analyzed services like Netflix, Twitch, Amazon’s Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and even YouTube, the parent app.

The reason behind the increased watch time could be because it is a great time pass where kids can enjoy and learn simultaneously. It also allows parents to keep them busy for a long period.

The report pointed out several new users who have started using the YouTube Kids app. It is not the most downloaded app in the last three months but a considerable amount of installations have been witnessed. With around 24.6 million new installs, it is the fourth most downloaded app in 2020 so far whereas, Netflix was at the top with 59.1 million downloads, followed by YouTube with 39.4 million downloads and Prime Video having 27.1 million downloads.

One major expected reason of increased watch time and download is because of the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in off from schools and kids are spending much of their time at homes. Since March 1, there has been a prominent increase in the use of other social media apps as well, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Data collected by Apptopia and Braze shows that there has been a 30.7 percent increase in the streaming of all the apps studied in the report. However, it is a possibility that much of the traffic is coming after YouTube started focusing on YouTube Kids website and app, to better deal with the children’s data collection.

Other apps, like Disney+, also gained much popularity and has been the most downloaded app in the US, 14.1 million installs. It also managed to generate the second-highest revenue in the US in Q1 2020, around $48.5 million. YouTube, however, remained first with over $60 million approximately. Whereas, worldwide YouTube is expected to have generated $110 million, while Disney+ approximately generated $61.2 million in Q1 2020.

People have been using different platforms to watch the much-hyped shows while they have a lot of time during the pandemic situation. There has been a huge jump in daily active users.

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