Facebook suggests implementing physical distance rather than being socially distant

As we all know, the world is going through a critical phase these days. Coronavirus has jolted everyone hard. Business empires, organizations, companies, governments, economy, stock- everything and everyone has been influenced by this deadly disease that has made rounds in almost all countries except for a few.

To stop it from spreading, the governments of affected countries implemented social distancing and lock-down measures. People have been encouraged and, in some places, forcefully coerced to stay within the boundaries of their homes, rather than going out and meeting other people.

During this whole pandemic, the role of various technology firms is commendable. Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and other tech giants have all been working in unison to provide as much support to impede the spread of this deadly virus as possible.

These firms have been collaborating with the World Health Organization, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and National Health Services to spread credible information to help people combat this disease and to avert it for the future.

Facebook went through a rough patch due to some of its scandals in the recent past years, but during this pandemic, it has tried to redeem itself and un-blemish its image by coming forward with multiple solutions in response to COVID-19.

One such step is its gentle enforcement of the widely implemented Social Distance measure. But Facebook has come up with a small change in this concept. As spotted by Matt Navarra, through its new feature, Facebook is trying to educate people to implement physical distancing during this crucial time. But while doing that, they do not have to believe that they have to cut themselves from the world.

Facebook is trying to encourage people to stay socially connected through its social media apps and calling features. This is actually an effective advice because, during this difficult time, people all over the world are generally homebound, with nothing much at hand. This has been a very sudden change for most people, and this is making them very anxious and agitated with time.

Besides, the news about this disease and the casualties that it has caused as yet makes everyone nervous and the trend of depression is rising too.

So, in these trying times, the connection between people and their unity and harmony should not be affected, as that can have worse and long-lasting effects.

Hence, Facebook’s new feature highlighting the difference between Social and Physical distancing is a much-needed breath of fresh air!

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