Google’s New Doodle series is aimed to pay gratitude to the helpers during the Coronavirus outbreak

Google is the largest platform with billions of users from all over the world. The product range of Google varies from Search hubs to a variety of digital services all aimed to help the users in all the ways possible.

Google is one of the largest tech company that always focuses on providing as much comfort to its users as possible.

Coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos pretty much among everyone. People are confused as to what to do when you don’t even know the disease or cure it.

During all this chaos, one profession is working hard day and night to save the life of others while putting their own at stake and these professionals are none other than the health workers from all over the world.

Google’s new Doodle series will be aimed to thank the helpers during the Corona Virus outbreak.

In the previous week, Google launched a very simple yet heartfelt ad to thank the health workers around the world fighting with COVID-19.

Now, according to Karen DeSalvo, MD, M.P.H. Chief Health Officer, Google Health, Google will be continuing that ad of praising the health workers by saying thanks to all the coronavirus helpers in the next two weeks with its series of Google Doodles.

Starting from this week, Google will be beginning series of Doodles to recognize the people responding to COVID-19 which will include doctors, nurses from all over the world fighting with COVID-19 on the front lines, teachers making sure to provide as many services as possible during the pandemic and Google will also be paying tribute to the food service workers who are ensuring that people easily get food services.

This series of Google Doodles is pretty much similar to sporting events like the Olympics or World cup that last for few weeks and coincidently, these Google Doodles series are now coming with the National Public Health Week in the US.

In this series of Google Doodles, the first thanks go to the public health workers and researchers of the scientific community working on the front lines to fight with COVID-19 in all the ways possible.

There will be 14 portions of this series and the theme is pretty much basic like the ‘G’ sending heart to an ‘e’ and this series will be pretty much similar to that.

8th April is dedicated to emergency services workers.

Other helpers of coronavirus will also see a thank you note stating that in the next two weeks these Doodles series will be honoring the frontline workers of COVID-19 outbreak which will include healthcare workers, first responders and all the people providing a helping hand in the outbreak such as providing services like food service, public transit, schools, sanitation. This series will be thanking all the people working against this virus to save lives and keeping the community safe.

Google has always been helpful to the people in all the ways possible and since the start of COVID-19 outbreak, Google has been helping the communities by providing authentic information with links to health resources and many of its services include:

· In more than 131 countries, Google aggregated the location history of its users to quantify the impact of COVID-19.

· New website launched by Google to provide information and resources related to COVID-19.

· Google's Maps services are highlighting new nearby Takeout and Delivery food chains.
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