Google’s New Video Thanking Health Workers Will Move You to Tears

Google is a huge company and sometimes gestures that might seem a little small might just end up proving to be extremely beneficial to the community as a whole. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Google is the search engine people use whenever they need to do something such as conduct research or perhaps make it so that you would be able to figure out information that you may need for some practicality of your day to day life.

Google promotes a video that has testimonials from doctors and the like and is split into various parts all of which come together to help you realize just how much the world depends on doctors. The main purpose of the video is in many ways to make it so that doctors can be thanked and appreciated in the way that they undoubtedly deserve given how tirelessly they are serving us through one of the worst pandemics that the world has ever known, a pandemic that has brought life to a halt.

There has been a surge in searches from people that wanted to know how they could thank health professionals, which is why Google worked on this project. What’s more is that there are other searches that are highlighted, such as ones that have to do with flattening the curve and the like. This is an important concept that people need to understand if they truly want to make it so that they end up getting through this pandemic with society intact and with the lowest possible number of casualties all of which would end up being quite high if we are not careful and don’t end up taking the right precautions as soon as we possibly can.
"As the world faces a global pandemic, “how to help” is being searched globally at an all-time high. Searches for “how to thank a healthcare provider” have also surged, as nurses, doctors, EMTs, and other medical workers on the front line continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.", wrote Google team in its OurStory page. Adding further, "This film recognizes the entire health care community, including all hospital workers and front desk staff, who are sacrificing so much to save so many. And it reminds us of one of the best ways to contribute to their efforts: Stay home, help save lives."

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