[Update: Bug] Google Play Store Tests Removing the Library and Installed Tabs from My Apps & Games Section

Update - 14th April 2020: A team member from Google Play informed Artem Russakovskii of Android Police that this change is a bug instead of feature.

Many of us must have downloaded hundreds of apps from Google Play Store over the years on our Android devices. You do not always keep all those apps on our phone but if you ever feel like reinstalling any specific app that you once had on our phone, you can easily find it from the Library tab in the My Apps & Games section of the Play Store.

The library makes it easier to find the app that was previously installed and now you might not remember its exact name but it is there in the section list and can be installed with just a tap.

But it seems like you will no longer have this comfort and ease as Google might remove the Library and Installed tabs from the Play Store and make My apps & games’ section look cleaner.

As for now, there are four tabs in the My apps & games section of the Google Play Store, including Updates, Installed, Library and Beta. The tabs show the available updates for the installed apps, currently installed apps, a list of all the apps installed so far using that Google account, and then the beta that you are enrolled in at the moment.

In a new update, Google is testing a cleaner My apps and & games section by removing the Library and Installed tabs. A few days before this, Google introduced an update for some of its users in the latest version of Google Play Store (v. 19.5.13) in which it shows the number of downloads and the app size in the app search results in Play Store. Though Google has not released any official announcement about it but it is expected to be a result of a server-side update.

It is also not yet clear whether there would be any alternate option to look for the previous apps you have installed on your phone from a specific account, we hope we find a way to look for previously installed apps.

Google Play Store Will Feature Only Updates and Beta Tabs in My Apps and Games Section
Screenshot: Xda-developers / Anisgvr.

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