Google highlights 11 Startups that aim to address Global problems

Google launched its Startups Accelerator program with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in November 2019. The aim of the program was to enlist a team of 11 entrepreneurs who would build technology to solve serious issues facing our world.

In response, the company received around 1,200 applications from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. After a thorough assessment of each application, the jury on Tuesday, has announced the 11 startups selected to participate in the Google for Startups Accelerator program. These startups will address a variety of social and environmental challenges prevalent today. They are also working on at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

The companies’ part of Google’s SDG team includes:

· Wondertree – The Pakistan-based startup aims to boost the cognitive and motor development in children with special needs with various therapeutic and educational AR games.

· – The Germany-based startup uses honeybees as biosensors to protect biodiversity.

· Solar Freeze – This Kenya-based startup is developing mobile cold storage units for smallholder farmers. These units will be powered via renewable energy and help farmers reduce post-harvest loss, specifically in the developing countries.

· – From the UK, this startup provides personal insights on the impact of climatic and extreme events. It also predicts the drawbacks of climate volatility in real-time, for any geographical location.

· – The UK-based startup uses drone imagery and machine learning technology to detect plastic pollution.

· Skilllab – With the use of Artificial Intelligence, this Netherlands-based startup provides job seekers with assistance to implement their skills in the local labor markets.

· Flare – The Kenyan company aims to provide infrastructure and operational support for medical emergency response services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

· mDoc – This Nigerian startup uses a combination of data to support people suffering with chronic ailments.

· OKO – Based in Israel, OKO is crop insurance that uses innovative technologies to streamline claim management for emerging markets.

· Ororatech – The Germany-based startup is deemed as the first commercial supplier of infrared satellite data that provides detection and monitoring of wildfires all over the world.

· Everimpact  – This startup from France uses a combination of satellite imagery and ground sensors to analyze air quality and carbon emissions.

The above-mentioned startups will work along with engineers from over 20 Google teams. Experts from the tech giant will also help the entrepreneurs resolve challenges related to product creation, engineering, development, and funding.

However, the prime focus will remain on Google’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure the safety of the participants – the first two events will now be conducted online. The training will cover various topics including the creation of Objectives and Key Results, UX research, ML Data Pipelines, Data Visualization, SDG Innovation for sustainable impact, and Strategies for Social Impact Funding.

The five-month program is scheduled to start on April 21st, while Google is planning to collaborate with another set of entrepreneurs by the end of 2020.

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