Twitter Eases Some Advertisers to Promote Content That Have the Reference to Coronavirus

Last month Twitter announced that they won’t be allowing any advertisement which mentions coronavirus or COVID-19. However, recently Twitter revised its policy and now allowing some of the advertisers to promote tweets that contain COVID-19 related information. But, the advertisement should be based on the utility of the products. Twitter said that because of their changing advertisement policy; they are now allowing some useful virus advertisements. They further said that they are allowing some of their partners to advertise content on Twitter which may or may not contain explicit or implicit COVID-19 references (but, with restrictions).

There will also be some ‘certain use cases’ like adjustment to business model and practice in relation to the virus and support for employees and customers during this pandemic. This means that the brands who will advertise on Twitter will have to advertise some changes in their procedures specifically for assistance during the virus outbreak. It will still allow Twitter to restrict the exploitation of its policies and to restrict other promotions which might be dangerous to the good of the public. Twitter says that it will not allow certain things when it comes to advertisements, those things are:
  • Repugnant and offensive references to the virus and its disasters.
  • High prices of products that are related to the virus.
  • And finally, content that might trigger people or may provoke fear or panic.
All these restrictions are applied to the advertisement along with the ban that Twitter placed earlier. Those bans included facemasks, hand sanitizers (alcohol-based) and treatment for the virus. The content such as vaccines and test kits are also banned from being advertised on Twitter. Because Twitter removed the ban of total advertisement restriction; it will now allow the businesses to connect in a better way to the community of Twitter about COVID-19’s lockdown. Similarly, Facebook has also launched a new feature which is the ‘set of page tools’ which can help the businesses to update their working and operating hours for their customers during the world lockdown.

These platforms are doing everything for the good of people. Many people are currently out working and there is no certainty of what will happen in the future (especially uncertainty about the SMBs is highly particular). Some of them are continuing their work; they are operating and are doing anything that might help or assist people will help in easing the pressure in broader terms. There is too much pressure on the whole global economy and it needs aid in moving forward during the current situations and the global economy runs via business owners, their staff and their employees. So, it is crucial to help them.

Whatever Twitter is doing seems logical because their initiative is helping not only them but also a lot of other people, businesses and the world as a whole.

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