Apple May Copy The Android's Widget Feature In Its Upcoming iOS Update

  • Apply may copy the whole widgets feature and launch it to iPhone.
  • The company is still working on this idea and it is not confirmed yet whether we will see the widgets on an iPhone’s screen or not.
  • Apple’s upcoming software update preview and its expected launch date.

The upcoming software update for iOS will come with some huge changes to the iPhone and likely it will include the beginning of the screen widgets feature for Apple users.

You might have heard the word ‘widgets’ earlier. Of course it is the same feature that has been available on Android devices for a very long time. There is a very good chance of Apple copying the same idea of screen widgets and launch it to the iPhone in the upcoming software update.

9to5mac received iOS 14 code which is the upcoming software update by Apple for iPhones. The code implies that the company is still working the idea and it is not confirmed yet whether the company will introduce screen widgets to the iPhone or not as the company can kill off the idea unconditionally overnight.

The company is also developing widgets for its internal project called Avocado. If the company stops working on the previously discussed idea, there are chances that these widgets developed for Avocado might be introduced to the iPhone in its upcoming software update which is due in the fall of this year.

The main idea of the company to introduce these screen widgets is to provide its consumers with the ability to move these screen widgets across their iPhone’s screen. Technically, this would provide the users with the latest customization option for the display of their iPhones. This again reminds us of Android devices which have been providing this option for over years now.

We are still not sure how the whole display will look after these screen widgets are introduced and the things are going to work in the upcoming iOS update. But we can surely say that at the first view of the upcoming iOS update, the home screen of an iPhone will be a lot more charismatic after the iOS 14 is launched. The display of an iPhone will surely be a new experience for its users after the launch of the iOS 14 software update. We are not sure how the display will be but we expect it to be a better experience for the iPhone users.

According to 9to5mac, the company will give the new update its first public demo in the sixth month of this year-June. The event will be held at the WWDC - the Worldwide Developers Conference held by the company. The company has already canceled the physical event due to the coronavirus outbreak. The event will take place online over the internet and everyone will be able to attend the event and watch the announcements of this new update in the form of a digital meeting. Shortly after the announcements at WWDC, the company will launch a preview of iOS 14. Of course, developers and public betas will be launched before this preview.

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