Twitter Rolls Out Improved Settings For Explore Tab To Make Content Discovery More Relevant

Twitter is updating its Explore tab so that all the tweets become more location-specific. Now not only ‘Trends’ have exact location related content options but the whole Explore tab too is adopting the same function. This means that whenever you open the Explore tab and scroll the listings; all the things that you will see (which includes topic listings, what's happening and trends) will be more clearly specified according to the location which you choose. In each location; the listing will change accordingly. This also encompasses the topic-specific listing and provides regional coverage which depends on your chosen location.

It is easy to change the location of your trending list by clicking on the gear icon which is on the top of the screen on the right hand in your main Explorer tab. As soon as you click it an option bar will pop up and you will be able to uncheck the box of ‘Show content in this location’ and then you can choose any location you want. If you want to see more trending topics then changing location is the best way. By changing the location you will be able to explore the top trends of each country.

Because of this more specific feature; Twitter is removing the Worldwide Trends’ section replacing it with location-specific research. This way users will be able to view each location’s trends more specifically and with a better focus instead of all global trends at the same time, which was sort of chaotic for some user but much needed feature for others. Twitter decided to launch this update is pretty interesting and exciting. This update is also better for those who won't bother to switch locations because trends other than their own country doesn’t concern them. Those people will only view their trends, in a way it is good because when it comes to international trends they are full of USA Sports, K-Pop, Hollywood stars, etc. which are of no use to most people. After this update; Twitter will be showing more content of your location and this will help you as well as Twitter to increase more engagement and it will help the users in understanding and using Twitter in a better way.

Twitter needs to up their game because just recently before total chaos and worldwide lockdown really happened; the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was under pressure by the famous activist investor group that was trying to dethrone him and replace him with better and more business-minded people. Jack Dorsey survived the challenge but was forced to set such tough development targets that would make anyone infuriated. The target included the growth in monetizable daily active users (mDAU) who are active in 2020. Since then Twitter has been growing its user rates and its mDAU count actually went up by 21% when 2019 ended. But, with time increasing those figures will become difficult. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the goals; Twitter is still trying to improve its growth rate to boost its stats of usage.

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