Instagram Is Planning To Give Users More Control Over “Close Friends” List

In order to help create more community oriented spaces on its platform, Instagram introduced the close friends feature which is basically a list that you can add people to that would make it so that you can create stories and posts that only this group will see, allowing public accounts to have a little more control over who sees which posts in case some of their posts are meant for people that they actually know and not the public at large which definitely tends to be the case quite often.

According to a reverse engineering guru Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram appears to be working on giving users even more control over the number of people they have in this list. Social situations can be complicated, and often your social circle can change rather dramatically which is the sort of thing that can be quite stressful in the age of social media where the average person is connected with hundreds of people and removing all of these connections can be highly stress inducing. The new feature that we are talking about will essentially allow you to purge your close friends list, removing everyone that you previously had on the list.

It should be noted that the usefulness of this feature is not quite the sort of thing that everyone has been asking for so it seems odd that Instagram gave this feature priority over other features that users have been requesting for quite some time now. This might be an indication of a future direction that Instagram is intending to take with the close friends feature, but for now this remove all button in the close friends list you have on the platform is only going to be useful in very specific situations, although people that are in those situations are probably going to be grateful that Instagram decided to give them something that would help them out.

Unfriended: Instagram Is Testing a Feature That'll Enable Users To Remove All Friends From “Close Friends” List

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