Facebook and Google Release Apps to Compete With Pinterest

While Pinterest is definitely not the kind of app that you would think would be anyone’s number one social media choice, it definitely does form an important part of the social media experience for hundreds of millions of people, and the main reason behind this is that it serves a niche that many if not most other social media platforms fail to address, and because of the fact that other competing social media platforms perhaps didn’t take this niche all that seriously, Pinterest managed to be quite the underdog and make gains where no one thought it was possible.

It seems like the tech giants in the world are starting to take notice of the potential that could be exploited if they had access to the audience that Pinterest has managed to gain access to, and a big part of the reason behind why this is going to be really important in the future has to do with new apps that are being launched by Google as well as Facebook.

A few weeks ago, Google ended up becoming the company that made the first move by launching an app called Tangi. This app was developed in their new Area 120 experimentation hub, and it definitely seemed like a Pinterest. Facebook wasn’t far behind, with the social media platform having now launched its very own DIY and personal interest themed social media app that it is calling “Hobbi”.

Facebook and Google Release Apps to Compete With Pinterest

It is interesting to see big tech companies diversifying their interests in this manner, and it indicates that a lot of the time these companies have a good idea of who their competitors are and they are not afraid to compete with them by making apps that fulfill the same services. Only time will tell whether these apps can break the dominance that Pinterest holds when it comes to these niches.

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