Facebook releases its meme-making app without any fanfare

Facebook launched a meme-making app last week in attempt to attract the young audience back towards its social network.

Titled the Whale, the app will enable the users to apply special effects over text and photos. These ‘memes’ can easily be shared on Facebook as well as Instagram and Messenger.

Surprisingly, the social media giant released the app very discreetly last week and the launch lacked the usual fanfare. According to TheInformation report, the app is currently only available on Apple’s Canadian App Store.

The Whale is developed by a novice group called New Product Experimentation. The group works under Facebook and is responsible for the development of two other apps, called Bump and Aux. according to a Facebook spokesperson, the apps are being developed to help the company create features and services that internet users like.

Interestingly, all the apps created by Facebook’s group are targeted at the young individuals. During the past few years, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has faced a sharp decline, when it comes to wooing the younger demographics. The Whale is just another attempt by Facebook to attract the teenagers that have lured away from the social media network for newer platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

However, will they be successful? Let’s wait and watch!

Facebook launched its new meme-making app without any fanfare

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