Facebook Messenger Tests A Feature To Facilitate “Share Instagram Posts” in Group Calls

As the days are passing, gadgets and technologies are advancing at pace. In 2004, we had just Facebook, then Twitter and now we have ample social media applications. Each app is advancing in their way at their own pace. The business of application has been booming since it was started. In the past, social media was a just platform to share your thoughts but now it is a way to earn money and to get news. That’s the reason we have the feature of stories, uploading status, going live and now co-sharing pictures and memes with your loved ones in a live video call to laugh and share joys.

Jane Manchu Wong reported that Facebook is testing a feature that would allow users on group call to share Instagram posts. The said unreleased feature was first spotted seven months ago, while a similar feature was spotted in Instagram almost a year ago, in April 2019. The feature, found in Instagram, enabled the users to share photos while on the call, whereas August-spotted feature enabled users to share memes.

Wong wrote that the new Facebook messenger feature will be available in the form of a button. There will be a button as “Share your screen” in video or audio call that would allow users to share pictures and videos that callers would see together. However, the feature will turn off the camera once the button will be tapped. Moreover, users will be able to use it when they permit Facebook Messenger to let them share the screen of pictures or videos with the caller in a live video call or audio call.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Since the photo-sharing application is acquired, the company has been trying to make it more and more creative and audience-grabbing by introducing features and updates. Instagram has been testing numerous features nowadays in which the addition of multiple-partitioned camera screens is a must to count. Besides, another feature which is being tested is the ability to feed post on Line App and hiding like counts.

Facebook Messenger is working on “Share Instagram Posts” in Group Calls

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