A Look at the Crucial Role being Played by Apps and Social Media During these Dark Times

While we remain in lockdown, what better way to spend time than by using different Apps & social platforms to stay up to date with the current trends? Lately, MBLM (the agency responsible for utilizing emotional science to create intimate brands) has been assessing how Brand Intimacy has been holding up in the wake of COVID-19.

Additionally, the agency revealed the results of its 2020 Study on apps and social media services. The Study we are referring to is the most extensive emotion-oriented research on brands. As per the recent findings, Spotify secured the top stop, while Pinterest and Apple Music managed to enter the top 3. 4th to 10th positions were occupied by Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Snapchat, Twitter, AirBnB, and Uber respectively.

Brand Intimacy is essential since it gauges the emotional connection we form with a brand over time. As you may know, the apps and social platforms industry has proven to be quite effective during dark times like these. It has done a remarkable job when it comes to sharing information and helping people stay connected with their loved ones while not being there for them in a physical capacity.

The current times have also made it possible for Brands to pay attention to the changing needs of their users e.g. Pinterest’s new merchant program. Moreover, Snapchat has come up with a new lens to assist its users with donating to the COVID-19 relief fund set up by WHO. As for Apple Music, it launched a relief fund ($50 million) to help out indie musicians who are out of work these days.

According to one of the managing partners at MBLM, Mario Natarelli, the importance of Apps and Social Media during the current crisis has risen significantly. He continued by stating that now is the chance for such brands to establish strengthened bonds with their consumers and lure in new audiences.

You might be interested in finding out some other interesting findings from the MBLM study. Here are some of those (with respect to the United States):
  • For men, Apple Music emerged as the top brand. On the other hand, Spotify remained the popular choice among women, millennials and those earning up to $100,000
  • Study participants above 35 and users who earn over $100,000 picked Pinterest as the top brand
  • A decent increase was observed in users’ preference for Facebook and Apple Music
  • Pinterest also took the top spot when people were asked to vote for the top brand for enhancement (using a brand and becoming better because of it)
In short, findings from the Brand Intimacy 2020 Study give us a clear picture of where our favorite brands rank when the emotional factor comes into play. Around 6,200 users took part in this Study and nearly 56,000 brands (belonging to 15 industries) were evaluated. The concerned countries were USA, UAE, and Mexico.

By closely following MBLM, you can stay up to date with the performance of nearly 400 brands and find out their properties as well as the strength of bonds they share with their users.

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