Working from home: Email and Video calling tools popular with the professionals

Once upon a time, the ‘work from home’ regime was limited for certain scenarios. But then came the coronavirus pandemic and forced (almost) every corporate organization to work in a remote environment.

In a normal circumstance, the employer and the employee are given more time to implement a telecommuting plan. However, most governmental and health authorities imposed emergency lockdowns and created a catastrophic situation for the workforce who struggled to keep the team in line with their operations as they took shelters in homes.

Fortunately, the internet came to the rescue and offered the global population several modes of communication to streamline their processes.

In this regard, CivicScience conducted a survey and found a majority of US adults relying heavily on emails to correspond with coworkers during the ongoing outbreak. Video calling through apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts are also popular, with one in five adults saying that they use it to connect with their colleagues and discuss work-related matters.

As expected, traditional audio-conference calls were less common amongst the professionals, with just 7% of the US adults claiming to use it. However, regular one-on-one phone calls continue to be popular with users.

How Are US Adults Primarily Communicating with Coworkers While Working from Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic? (% of respondents, March 2020)
Hat Tip: Civicscience / eMarketer.

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