Facebook tops the charts, while Instagram and Twitter follow suit amid the Coronavirus pandemic 2020

Recently, Business Insider Intelligence collected data from almost twelve hundred adults from the US, who are 18 plus of age, and conducted an online survey to determine the social networks that are being widely used during the coronavirus pandemic.

The results showed that amongst all platforms, Facebook is at the top of the charts with a whopping 78.1% usage all over the US.

Second in popularity is Instagram, with almost 50% usage.

Twitter’s overall usage was calculated to be around 35%. Surprisingly, instead of LinkedIn or TikTok, Pinterest generated more interesting content to keep the users busy, and its usage was calculated to be around 32%

Snapchat followed Pinterest with 30% users, LinkedIn with 27% results and TikTok and Reddit stayed behind at almost 14% of the total usage amongst all the other applications.

This is quite surprising because TikTok was at the top of its game in January 2020, with more than 45 million users in the U.S. But as per April 2020, it seems that its popularity graph has gone a little down. Maybe its time for TikTok to plan its strategy to gain mass popularity again, with so much competition around.

The application which garners 10% usage is Nextdoor, and Houseparty, Citizen and other apps were found to be 1-3% in their use and popularity altogether.

Facebook has seen some bad years after a few scandals. The massive uproar that caused Facebook to lose millions of users data to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, along with billions of dollars as a fine fee; it surely put an ugly dent on Facebook, caused the company to suffer from a major blow and extreme distrust from the public in general.

However, after some bad experiences, Facebook has been trying to make amends for its past mistakes for a while now, but during the coronavirus pandemic, its efforts and prompt measures doubled. Most of its steps that were taken to block false information, propaganda, and posts spreading illogical remedies. It also made sure through various means that only factually correct information flows through its platform, regarding this disease.

It seems, that now that people are home-bound and have not much to do with all the social distancing implementations, finally they have time to reconsider Facebook and the recent surge in its popularity and usage also suggests the same.

Instagram is busy in giving out more business opportunities during these times of crisis, and the surge in its popularity shows that its efforts are being received positively.

Twitter at the third position is not surprising, because it is already very famous and widely used.

However, LinkedIn should have been higher on the charts, owing to the free courses on mental health and psychology and for making things easy for organizations and job seekers.

Having said all this, during these distressing times, all these platforms are working hard for the support and help of people, all over the globe. It is not in the US only, but these apps enjoy huge popularity in the entire world.

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