Instagram Might Bring TikTok Like Video Response For IGTV

With more and more coming out from Instagram for its IGTV feature, it seems like the company has decided to go TikTok’s way for a chance to engage more users into trying IGTV.

Hence, in more recent developments, Instagram is working on bringing a new option with the name of ‘video reactions’ that will let the audience of creators respond to the IGTV video with their own video, that is only if the creator allows.

The screenshot posted by reverse engineering pro Jane Manchun Wong on her Twitter profile shows the ‘Video reactions’ option being a part of the IGTV upload process. Creators will just have to enable this once for when they want to give their fans a chance to connect with them with interesting content.

All of this does sound similar to TikTok’s video response feature, right? The feature brought immense success for TikTok as responding to the original video post with their own videos gave users the chance to be more creative and brought up interesting content on the platform, while giving rise to the usage ratio.

Taking a clear notice of it, Instagram might just be hoping for the same. The largest picture sharing social media platform has been struggling to make IGTV a hit and therefore they need an invention or imitation to gain the interest of their ever-increasing user base to turn towards IGTV as well.

Prior to this, Instagram has been promoting IGTV content monetization in the hope of providing more incentives to the creators but now with features like Video Reactions and Duets, IGTV might just turn out to be a more attractive option for people with a great following on the platform.

However, the only thing that remains difficult to imagine regarding the new feature is its implementation. The short nature of TikTok clips set them as ideal for simple video responses but as Instagram has always introduced IGTV for longer content, it might just become difficult for users and creators to showcase the responses in any given scenario.

Anyways, let’s hope Instagram has a different take on its implementation and we finally get to see IGTV rising!

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