Read aloud with Google Assistant

At CES in January, Google showcased a screen reader underdevelopment for their Assistant. Well, the feature is now ready and is rolling out starting from today.

The screen reader would work as the name suggests: Read out the content on your screen for your convenience. This means that you can finally have someone read out the news, recipes, and even lengthy articles on your behalf.

According to Google, the feature would be especially helpful for those with visual or reading difficulties. It will also aid those who want to read the content in other languages.

To use the feature, the users would simply have to say, “Hey, Google, read this page” and the Assistant would immediately get started on the reading. Moreover, the feature would also allow users to play/pause, rewind, skip, and even slow down or speed up the reading.

The users would also be given the option to change the voice of the ‘Assistant’ while language preferences will also be available.

The service would be available across all websites. However, site owners can block the ‘reader’ by adding a nopagereadaloud tag to their websites. The feature would be available worldwide on Android 5.0 and above.

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