Instagram IGTV Is All Set To Introduce Ads but Influencers May Not Be Yet Ready

Instagram IGTV has launched two years ago and now the platform is introducing monetization options through ads. Many of the influencers are unsure about how the monetization option will help them grow and earn.

Instagram's CEO has confirmed that an internal prototype has been made of Instagram Partner Program that will let creators earn money through the ads shown on IGTV videos they created. Not many details have been revealed yet, however, the Facebook spokesperson said they will keep finding ways to allow creators to monetize their IGTV content. Not many details were shared, saying they will be shared after further development.

Adam Groffman, a travel-related publisher said monetization make him nervous. He also remembered when Facebook persuaded creators to invest in the video but later in 2018, Facebook changed the algorithm leading to reduced ad revenues. According to Groffman, he is hesitant about monetization as his previous experience had been disastrous.

He further added that advertisers are interested in videos from influencers and creators but there is a lack of assurity whether the return on videos is worth all the effort or not. Therefore, he is not yet ready to trust it.

Before introducing the monetization plan for IGTV, it will first have to take creators like Groffman to in confidence and urge them to invest in producing content for IGTV. There is not much data and insights on IGTV as compared to the benefits offered by YouTube due to which many of the creators and even top publishers are hesitant in producing content for IGTV.

Like, Groffman said he first needs to be convinced for it and then he will be more confident about producing content for the platform.

Doux Fairy, beauty and lifestyle influencer said IGTV monetization will not affect the kind of content she creates or her video strategy. She currently produces original content for YouTube and IGTV and expects that IGTV will provide somewhat same ad-revenue as YouTube does.

The minimum length of the video that can be monetized will be the most challenging thing for Instagram as IGTV is competing with other short video platforms like TikTok. Though TikTok is not yet monetized but it is working on it, just like IGTV. If they can earn through 15 to 20 seconds video on TikTok, as it requires less time and effort as compared to creating content for IGTV.

It is expected that IGTV a similar prototype as Facebook Watch allows creators to earn. It works by sharing revenue generated from In-Stream Ads that are shown in a video of three minutes or longer.

Instagram also needs to focus on making IGTV a must-watch for viewers. The Facebook-owned network recently removed the IGTV icon from the main interface of the app and clarified that not many people were clicking the icon on the home page.

In order to make themselves stand out, IGTV will have to bring something new than TikTok and YouTube or else it will be lost in a sea of video apps, said Brooke Miccio, a lifestyle influencer.

However, some of the sellers are hopeful about connecting with clients and expect that they will engage the younger audience of YouTube through IGTV than they did from Facebook Watch.

Mike Dossett, digital strategy director at RPA Advertising said though IGTV could not garner enough attention as other features on Instagram did but it does not mean it is a failed product. With time and certain changes on the platform, the IGTV audience has grown gradually.

Buyers and creators also suggested what they would like the IGTV ads to be like. Miccio said banner ads and in-video ads for longer ads would interesting as they keep the audience around.

Box further suggested that user experience must not be affected negatively and skip ads option should be available as on YouTube.

Instagram IGTV Is All Set To Introduce Ads but Influencers May Not Be Yet Ready
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