Google leads the pack: Boasts better e-commerce activity than Facebook and Instagram combined

We all know Facebook and Instagram to be churning out a substantial revenue from selling ad space on their respective revenues. But did you know Google still remains to be the king when it comes to generating e-commerce traffic?

Analytics firm Oribi recently conducted a comprehensive study on shopping trends and revealed that Facebook and Instagram don’t come anywhere near Google when it comes to driving traffic. In fact, the results of the study shows that traffic from Google paid searches are at 20.6% while organic search is nearly 9.6%.

In comparison, paid searches for Facebook and Instagram come at 9.6% and 1.5% respectively.

The study also shows that direct traffic from various sources such as mobile apps, email marketing, and direct input accounts accumulate almost half of the traffic – at 48.9%.

The conversion rates for Facebook and Instagram don’t look so good either. Google paid search provides 2.7% conversion rates while organic search results in 2.5%. But when it comes to Instagram and Facebook, both the paid and organic search results in 1.5% and 0.8% respectively.

The study also highlighted the different types of shopping the various platforms drive. According to their analysis, social media networks generate purchases at a cheaper price while digital marketing garners window shopping.

When it comes to Google, the search giant was found to perform better for larger purchases. Especially when the shopper knew what he or she was looking for.

Facebook and Instagram may be dominating the social media circles, but when it comes to generating sales from e-commerce – Mark Zuckerberg’s entities will need to work a little harder.

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