Google Chrome Just Made Viewing PDFs Easier

Google Chrome is a very popular way for people to check out PDFs. Just think about it, this is a web browser that is compatible with PDFs which means that all of the countless PDF readers that you might have had to contend with before are no longer going to be all that valuable to you since an application that you already have access to a web browser that can help you view it, which has ended up making Google Chrome a wonderful multi purpose solution that people can use for a wide variety of things.

However, one thing that made Google Chrome a less than ideal option for people that tend to look at a lot of PDFs had to do with viewing multiple PDFs at the same time. The functionality of the PDF reader that Google Chrome had at it s disposal was not quite as good as a lot of people might have hoped, and the fact of the matter is that viewing more than one PDF on Chrome was simply not possible, that is to say it wasn’t possible up until this current point in time where the new update that Google Chrome is getting could very well prove to be a bit of a game changer in a lot of different ways all in all.

As spotted by Techdows, this new update will make it much easier for you to view multiple PDFs simultaneously on this platform, and this is going to help make Google Chrome a far better option than might have been the case otherwise. This is just one example of how Google is slowly making it so that it has a monopoly on all kinds of small services that people require from tech companies, services that used to be offered by a disparate range of service providers but can now be acquired under the Google umbrella.

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