Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening Tool including App and Website

According to Apple's NewsRoom, the tech giant launches an app and a website based on the WHCTF, FEMA, and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines that are dedicated to the screening of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This great initiative has been taken for the people to stay secure, informed, and to take proper precautions for their health during this rapid spread of Coronavirus.

The new COVID-19 app and website are available on the App Store and they were originated under the partnerships of health and government authorities to make it easier for users to decide "what to do next" in the time of crisis. The app and the website also offer users to have access to resources in this COVID-19 pandemic to help them to get enough information and support they need.

The users of the website and app will receive their answers to the questions about COVID-19, including all the necessary information about who is most at risk and how to recognize the symptoms of this virus. Further, users will also get all the information and prevention of disinfecting surfaces, washing their hands properly, covering their faces with masks, and monitoring symptoms.

The new tool allows users to answer a series of questions asked by them about risk factors, recent travel to anywhere, and exposure to anyone, or any other symptom they feel for themselves or for a loved one. After completing the screening process through website or app and monitoring this situation you will be taken to CBC recommendations on further steps you need to do including isolating yourself, social distancing, having patience as we don't have any vaccine for this virus, monitor minor symptoms, follow the guidelines whether the COVID-19 test is required or not, and when to consult any medical specialist.

This new screening tool including the app and website is designed to be a great resource for the victims of this virus and for the individuals who don’t have enough information and prevention of COVID-19 in order to gain guidance from state and local health authorities.

Along with that, Apple has added a feature in Siri assistant if users ask, “How do I know if I actually have COVID-19?” to know information about the disease.

Apple urges anyone having difficulty in breathing can dial immediately 911 to seek an emergency regarding Coronavirus COVID-19.

Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening Tool including App and Web Version

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